Deja, I really loved reading about your experience and I'm also thrilled that you were able to get an on-camera job, in your home media market and have an impact right out of undergrad.

I grew up in Greensboro, but in a sea of Aggies, but with one Wolfpacker/Aggie uncle and that influenced my decision to major in communication at NC State from 2004-2007.

While the Trump election was a turning point for me, as a 30 something just navigating DC after years doing internal comms in other places in NC and in the Midwest, my heart has always been in creating my own journalism (and fiber arts). I had advisors that told me to do a masters in the beat area I wanted to learn more about (which in my case was urban planning and local government, go Spartans, once again, a decision based on money and access to safe Black spaces in our white PWIs, from 2010-2012).

My Substack, along with my bylines over the past 13 years have grown and been cultivated from all my experiences, but you bring me so much joy as you're really living a lot of our childhood dreams, even after many of us millennials were told that the news and journalism was dead.

I wish you well and please do reach out if you are interested in millennial mentorship n the media who are also Black North Carolinians (and working in the media market I'm in, which I pinch myself a lot about)!

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Kristen, I’m so overwhelmed by your response. I’m glad you enjoyed my piece. I’m so thankful for trailblazers like you and your wealth of knowledge. I’ll be connecting with you!

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